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All land uses, improvements, materials, amenities, and facilities described and depicted herein are proposed items only, are based upon current development plans, and are subject to change without notice. Nothing presented in this document shall obligate ADC, the current owner, or any other entity to restrict land uses or to construct or develop improvements or facilities, or if developed, as described or depicted. ADC makes no representations or warranties, expressed or implied, concerning the actual design, location, and character of the facilities shown herein. Plans, maps, materials, and specifications are subject to change or modification as deemed necessary by ADC, the developer, builder, or as may be required by law. All illustrations, photos, plans, or maps are provided as examples only and do not constitute a commitment to construct nor depict actual or promised items of any kind. Any references to commercial/multipurpose land use may include but are not limited to office, retail, single family, multifamily, senior housing, house of worship, specialty, medical, school, gas station, daycare facility, etc. Maps are not to scale, are not for computation or construction purposes, and all listed distances, measurements, and stated mileage are approximate. Prices, specifications, and details concerning homes are established by the builders and are subject to change without notice. Any school, utility, and governmental information should be verified with the appropriate agency or utility supplier.

In the event this website contains links to third-party websites or offsite pages, including, but not limited to, those describing school districts or schools, telecommunications providers, and utility providers, ADC has no control over and shall not be responsible for the terms and conditions or content of such sites or pages. User acknowledges that no representations or warranties, expressed or implied, including, but not limited to, any warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose, are made with regard to the content of any such linked websites or offsite pages and all use of such material is at user’s sole risk.

All homes within ARTAVIA™ and Aliana® are constructed and sold by builders not affiliated with ADC. ADC does not warrant or guarantee the obligations, construction, or pricing of builders who may build and sell homes in ARTAVIA™ and Aliana®. ADC seeks to work with reputable builders; however, each builder operates independently. Buyers of homes in ARTAVIA™ and Aliana® contract directly with the builder and must rely solely on their own investigation and judgment of the builder’s construction and financial capabilities as ADC does not warrant or guarantee such abilities or capabilities, nor does ADC warrant or guarantee the design, pricing, engineering, construction, or availability of any home or other building constructed by such builder or the obligations of any builder to the buyer.

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